That time I was asked to run for office and why I said no.

I was asked to run for a state house seat back in 2010. I was asked by the Libertarians and some Republicans. I was also encouraged by some Democrats too but there was already a very well-funded Democrat candidate practically handpicked by the retiring incumbent.

Which is the main reason I didn’t run at all. The district was overwhelmingly democratic and hadn’t elected anyone other than a Democrat in 20 years. If I ran as a Democrat, I wouldn’t have made it out of the primary. I would’ve had little to no party support and comparatively little funding.

I could’ve made an insurgent candidacy but I was finishing my MA and wouldn’t have had the time to walk the district and meet the voters the way it would’ve been necessary.

I did some volunteer work in the district for the eventual Republican candidate and experienced some real aggressive people. “This is a Democrat district. You should leave now.” “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” “We don’t want fascists here.”

The Republican candidate was pro choice and had a solid reputation as a civil libertarian, marching with the NAACP against police brutality for instance. But in this hyperpartisan district that didn’t matter.

If I had ran as a libertarian this would have been far worse. I could count on even less funding, functionally zero party support as the party didn’t have a large presence. The enlightened partisan residents of the district would have been far less polite to me as a Libertarian candidate.

TLDR: I didn’t run because I’m not that masochistic.

Categories: First Person Politics, Libertarian, Politics, Voting

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