Some advice from The Swamp for the Democrats leading into 2020

1. Ignore the presidency. Focus on local races. Take those hundred of millions of dollars you raise every year and divvy it up around the country to flip State House and Senate seats. Grab some governors mansions. Get more people into city council of major cities, mayors races are a good one too for that matter.

I’m not saying don’t field a candidate but as long as 2/3 of governors and state legislatures are GOP your agenda will remain constrained and your electoral college chances will be tenuous at best. Focus on showing people you care and have ideas on how to fix their lives locally. There’s a lot of heartland votes out there to be had and their impression of the DNC should come from their local Democrats, not Hillary, Bernie, Nancy, etc. who will never be able to convince these people that they understand their lives and how to help them.

2. Have some ideas. Ones that people want. Free college isn’t one. That’s an idea for the coasts not for the country. Infrastructure. Economy. This is another great reason to focus on the local races because you’ll see some real innovative stuff going on that can be scaled to a national level.

3. Stop investigating Trump. Now. If you can’t prove election/Russia collusion, quickly and definitively, all you’re doing is Clinton/Lewinsky 2.0. If the economy is doing well, and it is (doesn’t matter why), then people don’t give a shit about sex. Stop talking about Stormy Daniels. Trump’s polling is going up. Keep this up and you’ll make him a sympathetic figure.

4. Ignore Trump. Stop obsessing over his juvenile tweets, grotesque lack of decorum, and random acts of whatever. NEVER MENTION YOUR OPPONENTS NAME! This is communications 101. Stop pointing at him. He wants attention and you’re giving it to him plus to the Obama/Trump independent crossover voters you look unhinged. Stop it. Do not open your mouths unless its providing an idea or solution and for the love of God stop giving the man all the press in the world. You want the media and voters talking about your ideas not his vulgarity.

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