Things everyone should know: There is no conspiracy.


There’s no vast ring-wing conspiracy. No George Soros funded progressive cabal. No corporate overlords picking candidates and election outcomes. The Vatican doesn’t control anywhere near what you think it does – ditto for The Jews. There is no Illuminati and Satanists are doing nothing more than waiting for you to get the joke. There is no shadow government waiting to take control and open the FEMA camps. The moon landing happened and 9/11 was not an inside job.

The simple truth is that the world is exactly what it appears to be: a goddamn mess. There have been conspiracies throughout history, there are many occurring right now, but history is not a conspiracy. History, and thus the present, is a chaotic blend of agenda, accident, and Acts of God. Most controversial events, trends, and persons in history are a slap-happy mix of competing interests plus predictable and unpredictable circumstance. There is no grand narrative, no plot, and no scheming puppet-master; just a bunch of human beings making decisions as best they can – and usually screwing it up.

Democrats don’t want to murder babies and Republicans don’t want to kill poor people. Neither unions nor corporations are synonyms for organized crime. Your political adversaries are not evil. There is no boogeyman. No one is controlling you or society.

You, and you alone, are responsible for your future.

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