Ask The Swamp Rat: What is your political affiliation?

I’m proudly registered Undeclared. It’s a good party. Our motto: None of your damn business.

Also known as the “Stop sending me candidate fliers in the mail” party.

Seriously, I guess I lean conservative but only in that I’m naturally wary of governments. If I had to choose a party at this point it’d be libertarian.

I tend towards smaller government because just about every truly horrible event in human history, outside of natural disasters, was performed, encouraged, and/or financed by a government.

From the truly evil like slavery and the Holocaust to the commonplace cruelty of police brutality, the ability of government to abuse people is unmatched. No corporation ever did anything as vile and, again, whatever criminality a corporation does is nearly always done with the active complicity of government.

Same with civil liberties. There is such a thing as systemic racism. Systemic sexism. But what the hell do people think the ‘system’ in systemic is?!

General Electric didn’t purge gay employees in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. That was the State Department.

It wasn’t Ma Bell that tapped Martin Luther Kings phone. It was the FBI.

And it’s not Google that is monitoring and storing your data to prosecute you. That’s the NSA.

I lean conservative because they usually screw up by not doing enough to protect people. Liberals tend to wield government like a mallet and do too much which leads to abuses.

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