How did we get Trump after Obama?

Obama didn’t deliver.

He was the Change candidate and he didn’t deliver. It’s that simple I think. He was charismatic and cool and damn did he have the most inspiring personal story. Yes, we can!

And eight years later…the economic recovery never really got off the ground. Wages are stagnant, small business growth is at a crawl, industry was fleeing, and the millions of jobs that were ‘created’ were mostly crap, part-time, low-skilled, and low-paying.

The Affordable Care Act was an awful piece of partisan legislation. It took a conservative Supreme Court Justice just to keep it on life support! Way too many people saw their premiums rise while way too few people were helped – and it did next to nothing to address long-term pricing problems.

His legacy is so easily dismantled because he left without much of one. His over-reliance on Executive Orders saw to much of that.

Personally, his lack of legislative leadership on immigration, the drug war, and civil liberties were very disappointing.

Obama was a young, handsome, intelligent, highly educated, urbane, quick-witted, and charming man with a sweet family beyond scandal-almost the polar opposite of Trump. But they represent the same impulse-radical change.

Obama led to Trump because apparently he was not the change we were looking for. A lot of the same people voted for them both. I voted for neither but I guess the feeling is “We tried the friendly professorial type. Now let’s try the loudmouth.”

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  1. Just an opinion, but l think a more suitable title should be `How did we get Trump after Obama?` .

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